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You will be a part of the largest Professional Healthcare Assistant Body in Ireland
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Accredited Membership is open to those who have attained the full Healthcare Support or equivalent FETAC Level 5 Major Award and have 260hrs relevant work experience.
Accreditation helps to ensure that practitioners are appropriately qualified and work to recognised standards of professional competence. Accreditation also assures the client that the practitioner will work within an agreed ethical framework and code of practice.
* Members must have Manual/Patient Handling & Occupational First Aid.

Associate Membership is available to those who have successfully completed Care of the Older Person FETAC Level 5 Module, have 160hrs relevant work experience and who are actively working towards Full Healthcare Support Award (8 Modules).
Associate Members are required to abide by the IAHA Code of Ethics and Practice and are subject to the IAHA Complaints Procedure.
*Members must have Manual/Patient Handling & Occupational First Aid.

Student Membership is open to those currently working towards the Healthcare Support FETAC Level 5 Major Award.
Student Members agree to adhere to the IAHA Code of Ethics and Practice. This upholds a high standard of care among students to ensure the protection of the public and also helps to guide your own training and practice throughout your career.


Thank you for choosing the IAHA, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.